DayTymers Social Club is a Wonderful Way to Enrich Life for Someone You Love!

DayTymers Social Club at Heritage Commons is an adult day program offering lots of fun, friendship and activities for Middlesex County, CT area residents!

DayTymers provides members with healthy and enjoyable mental and physical activities and friendship for seniors who need more socialization or who have early memory loss. Our DayTymers Club is also a form of respite care. As a routine program, we’re able to restore balance to a caregiver’s life, giving you more personal, social, and work time. You’ll also enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved one is enjoying him or herself in a safe, secure, caring environment.

Our program features healthy, delicious lunches and snacks, small group size, expert caring staff, safe and secure, flexible schedule to meet your needs. It is a state approved program and is certified by the Connecticut Association of Adult Day Care Centers and works with the Connecticut Agency on Aging. Daily transportation is available to our residents to ensure a safe trip to their favorite destinations. From relaxing outdoor events and park lunches to concerts and museum trips, our DayTymers Social Club is sure to feature something our residents enjoy. Based in Middletown, CT, our retirement communities are proud to welcome seniors throughout Meriden, Wallingford, Glastonbury, and Rocky Hill, CT into our club.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our DayTymers Social Club or to arrange a free trial day for you or a loved one. We also offer adult day care services for seniors who need additional care.

The Importance of Social Activity in Senior Living Communities

Seniors represent a particularly vulnerable subset of the overall population when it comes to mental health. Depression and its symptoms can have dramatic effects on elders; it can worsen disabilities, raise mortality rates, and increase the severity of ongoing medical conditions. For many people, getting older can come with increasingly isolated, sedentary habits, which further contribute to these effects.

Fortunately, living a socially active life can help offset the onset of depression. According to the American Public Health Association, socialization can improve mood, memory, cognition, and even physical wellness. Connecting with family and friends through various activities can have a profound effect on your loved one’s mental health.

As a senior housing community, we are mindful of the importance of a robust social life; that is why we offer fun, enriching activities for our residents and other members of the greater Middlesex County area. Reach out today to learn more about the activities we offer!

DayTymers Rates

The fees charged by the DayTymers Social Club are as follows:

Half a day: (includes snack) $45.00
Full Day: (snacks & lunch) $80.00

Transportation: $12.00 each way Or $20.00 Round Trip

Note: Pick-up time will be between 8:00 AM and 9AM, and drop off time will be between 3:30 PM and 4:00 PM to and from the clients’ home.

Care Network Link, LLC Discount $5.00 off per day.

But DayTymers may cost you nothing!

Our program is 100% FREE* for financially qualified members!
Please Call 860-344-1221 for details.