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Senior citizens throughout the Middletown, CT region deserve modern healthcare services while simultaneously retaining their independence. At Heritage Commons, we recognize the diverse needs of our elderly residents, so we’ve developed a dedicated senior living community to ensure their satisfaction. In fact, we currently feature a wide array of amenities and apartments at some of the community’s most competitive rates.

At Heritage Commons, we want you to live your retired life to the fullest! Call or visit us today for more information about our beautiful senior living community. We take pride in providing our residents with the comfortable, carefree, and rewarding lifestyle they deserve!

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If you’re interested in hearing from some of our past clients, don’t waste another moment. We invite you to browse our Heritage Commons reviews. Thanks to our reliable form of service, our residents and their family members can’t seem to say enough about our senior living community.

As always, you’re more than welcome to contact one of our knowledgeable representatives with any additional questions, comments, or concerns. Our team is constantly standing by to help you schedule an upcoming tour. We can’t wait to show you around Heritage Commons!

My dad was a resident of Heritage Commons for over years. At first, the transition from living in his home f over 60 years to HC was an adjustment, but Carmela the entire staff and residents welcomed him with open arms and continued until his recent passing at the age 100! Despite the world wide Covid wrench that turned everything upside down for over a year, he had a wonderful experience at HC-birthday celebrations, bus trips, yearly Garden Party-to name a few. I am grateful was able to spend his last years here.

– CM T

I want to personally thank the residents and staff who made my dad’s 100th bday such a special and memorable one. He has been a resident for over 5 years now, and he and our family couldn’t be happier. We are so grateful. An extra shout out to Carmela and Christine for organizing and coordinating this memorable event for my dad. His quote (taken from Cheers) says it best: “It’s so nice to live in a place where everyone knows your name.”

– Cee Tee

“Mom needed to move into a senior living facility. She still wanted to be independent but needed help with meals and housekeeping. We called Heritage Commons and were offered the opportunity to take a tour. Nancy Bruno, the marketing and sales director, spent quite a bit of time showing us around the facility (more than once). We were impressed to see the size of the apartments and how friendly the staff was, as we met the happy residents, who Nancy greeted by name. Nancy guided us every step of the way from filling out the paperwork to moving into the apartment, keeping all stress levels to a minimum. It was a pleasurable experience which we appreciated. The staff members at Heritage Commons care about their residents and keep the families up to date on any issues that can arise. We would definitely recommend Heritage Commons because of the high quality of care and compassion they provide to their residents.”

– Bob & Kathy B.

Since my mother moved to Heritage Commons, I don’t worry about her. She has people to be with, she has activities, and she can go on outings with others. She’s not completely dependent on me, so she has more dignity. The staff is very kind and thoughtful. Over-the-top kind and thoughtful!

Every week Mom mentions going on a “joyride with Henry” or having pizza and watching a movie.

I’m delighted. Thank you!

– Carol F.

I want to thank you for keeping Heritage Commons safe and maintaining strict guidelines for the Covid pandemic. Your attention to detail has not gone unnoticed.

– Susan T.

All of the staff at Heritage Commons have been very attentive and supportive to the needs of my mom. There have been many times I was unsure on tackle an issue or problem, with a call, text, or visit, I always had reassurance and received a response: “Don’t worry about it, we’re here to help you take care of it. We love her and want to keep her here.” My thanks to Carmella, the staff at the front desk, activities, the aides, food service, and cleaning and maintenance staff. I leave Heritage Commons knowing that my mom is safe and has everything she needs.

Thanks for all you do,

– Ray G.

“Luxurious combination of the convenience of town in front and the beauty of trees and a stream in back. Wonderful, caring staff!”

– Carol Y.

“Fantastic accommodating staff, professional and courteous. My mom and dad have been there for 4 years, no complaints once.”

– Karol B.

“I just wanted to thank you for providing such a lovely, active and comfortable space for my mother, Jule, and all the residents of Heritage Commons. It is comforting to know she is in such good hands. “

– Anonymous

“Very kind and accommodating staff. Really nice rooms. Can’t ask for a better retirement home.”

– Yosef R

“We are so happy mom is at Heritage Commons. She has been getting involved in so many activities and it makes us siblings all so happy.”

– Anonymous

“After my dad died in 2009, we decided we needed to move my mom to some kind of senior facility. I wanted to try to find someplace close to my own home here in Middletown, and Heritage Commons was recommended to me. After meeting with the marketing team and the management staff, we decided to give Heritage a try. To say that we loved it would be an understatement. We loved the staff at Heritage as well as the residents. My mom resided at Heritage Commons until her death in 2013. I would recommend Heritage Commons in a heartbeat.

The staff members at Heritage Commons work very hard at helping their residents live life with dignity as well as helping the residents’ families with constantly changing situations. If you are looking for a place for mom or dad to live, you should stop in.

And just a side note, I retired this past June after 35 years at a large financial institution. After a couple of months of being ‘retired,’ I decided I wanted to return to work part-time. I decided to stop in and visit Carmela Gagnon (the manager at Heritage) to see if there were any positions available. I was lucky enough to be offered a position in the Daytymers area. I love being back at Heritage.”

– Mary Jo B.

“Thank you for all you do for my Dad. The staff is so caring, and the renovations look great!”

– Anonymous

My Mother was living independently in the country and would hop in her car and go shopping, to the senior center, visit friends, and do as she wished at her leisure. We noticed a few little dings in her car here and there and then one day we decided to follow her (for no one wanted to drive in the car with her) and noticed she wasn’t staying in her lane. So some time passed and other incidences happened and we had to deliver the sad news that she couldn’t drive anymore. She was stranded in her beautiful home on the hill, and we started noticing small changes in her lack of interest and eating habits. We took her to the doctors and were referred to another, etc. and she was diagnosed with the onset of dementia. The specialists were recommending getting her stimulated in a program outside of the home. They didn’t recommend someone coming into the home for they didn’t think there would be enough stimulation for her. It was important to get her out of the house.

We knew some elders that were full-time residents at Heritage Commons and they loved it there. They bragged about having transportation, trips, entertainment, and great food that they cook there with lots of options. They also spoke of a day program called the Daytimers. So we made an appointment to visit Heritage Commons Daytimers with my Mom. The established program offered transportation, activities, lunch, and a welcoming environment. So we signed her up.  We discovered that she lived far outside the radius Heritage was willing to drive so we used MAT who was very nice, but it just wasn’t working out. The bus driver at Heritage said, “I can do it-let me try it and see if I can fit it all in my schedule.” The woman said, “okay, if you can do it, we can do it.” And they made it work; they went way out of their radius to the countryside and made it work which I was so grateful for. They even would escort my Mom to the door-they were really great.

We were making her meals, cleaning the home, and hired out plowing and landscaping all to keep her living independently. As time went on, Mom wasn’t taking her pills, wasn’t doing her dishes and food was spoiling in the refrigerator. The Doctors now were favoring getting her out of the home and getting her in a community living environment such as Independent or Assisted Living. We really wanted her to stay at home and do home care. So we interviewed several companies and they all had a 3 or 4-hour minimum and we needed them to come in the morning and evening for meds and we still wanted to continue Daytimers. Due to the 3-hour minimum twice a day and continuing Daytimers, it started to look rather costly and it was starting to be a lot of effort to keep her home when she wasn’t doing well there.

Since she was already at Heritage in the day program, we thought we’d take a tour of their apartments. On the day of the appointment, we were greeted by a woman with real curly hair and it bounced when she walked. She was so welcoming and spirited; every answer was “Oh yes we take care of that”, “you don’t have to worry about this,” “these are things we do every day,” “yes we offer that service,” etc. Everything that was discussed was explained in detail and you knew going in that if you had a situation, they would do their best to get it resolved.  As we walked around there was a lot of activity, many postings and it wasn’t real fancy which we liked. There were also a few elder care companies that work within Heritage billing in short increments which would make things very affordable if your loved one needs med checks or Queuing.

So we went home and the decision was made to move Mom to Independent Living at Heritage Commons. With Heritage Commons’ very fair pricing and affordable Q’s, it has worked out very well for us and it truly has extended my Mother’s life. She is in the best place for her current situation and we are so grateful. The folks we met at the very beginning of our journey are still key people within the organization and they make things happen. The staff is like family for they always go out of their way to make sure special needs are met for their residents.

 We are very fortunate that my mom is in a position where she can afford to live in a 55 and older independent facility offered at a very fair price for its residence. She has transitioned nicely from the day program into a full-time living situation that offers exactly what she needs; compassionate people, transportation, field trips, stimulation, and an outside agency offering affordable care.”

– Chris L

Middletown residents and surrounding communities need to know that there is a rare gem located right in Middletown.  It is Heritage Commons on Boston Road.

When my mom moved to Heritage Commons in Middletown, we quickly knew it was the perfect spot for her.  The apartments, wonderful meals and various activities were fabulous.  Very often when I called, I could not find her because she was out at an activity or on a bus trip.  She truly has had an active lifestyle and she has loved everything about Heritage Commons.

I am the oldest of six with a mother, Barbara  Hickey, who at 92 years old.  She is thriving at Heritage Commons, even now when she has a helper living with her. I am proud to extend many thanks to the entire staff, especially for the way they have protected my mom and other residents during this pandemic.  I want to let everyone know how wonderful and caring the staff at this facility has been during normal times as well as in these unprecedented times.

Constant communication keeps family members informed of all the procedures going on at Heritage Commons as well as the weekly schedule. The staff continues to meet the needs of the residents with meals and other daily essentials while making them feel safe and important.  I feel the staff goes out of their way to address my mom’s needs and on behalf of my siblings, I cannot thank all the workers at Heritage Commons for all that they have done to provide a safe and caring environment for my mom.

~Phyllis A. H

As I prepare for my final visit to HC today, I am flooded with memories of my dad’s 5 plus years there. I remember how he told Alan and me how he went online and found Heritage Commons, and he wanted to check it out. We were dumbfounded, but that’s how he was – still independent as hell at the age of 94+ with a mind of his own. We took him for an interview and a grand tour including the available apartment he could afford. A whirlwind followed; putting his home for over 60 years on the market and moving him into his “new home.” A resident of Plantsville, CT, he knew no one in Middletown. But he was ready for a new adventure, and we were there to ride along with him.

The first memorable event and one of his happiest at HC was celebrating his 95th. We planned a family birthday dinner surprise for him with the help of the kitchen staff (I believe it was with Jennifer). It was PRICELESS!!!! I can see him beaming (and have pics to prove it). There would be one more of these special birthday dinners, but not until he turned 99. Jennifer and her staff once again were superheroes in
accommodating our wishes/requests and making this another unforgettable birthday for our dad.

And through it all, YOU and your caring staff then and now, (Saundra, Cindy, Christine, Henry, Jennifer, Housekeeping, just to name a few) made his life at HC one he never wanted to leave (do you remember how he was worried about having to leave to be sent to a nursing home?)

I learned about all the times he called you, the front desk, or Christine asking for help that sometimes wasn’t part of your/their job description. But you treated him with the utmost respect and dignity and reassured him it would be taken care of. I can’t leave out the friends he made at HC. Especially Bob, his dinner and best buddy, and Jack, his cribbage pal.

He may not have shown it, but Dad truly appreciated the friendship he developed with them (I remember how concerned he was when they contracted Covid). There were other “friends” along the way, but they moved or passed. Unfortunately, this was one of the downfalls for him. He jokingly called HC “Shady Pines,” the last stop before dying.

And the event that brought him the most joy (besides his 100th bday celebration) was being chosen King of Heritage Commons! Lol. He was so humbled, yet proud of the fact that he and Jane were the only ones who held that title for 2 years in a row because Covid shut down everything, including the annual Garden Party.

The circumstances of my dad’s passing have been very difficult for me, but I know in time I will be at peace. Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and understanding during the transition. And thank you and everyone at HC for the love, care, and joy you brought my dad. The “man with a bow tie” lived a long and extraordinary life. I am grateful he was able to spend his last § years at Heritage Commons, and I know he was, too. With Love and Gratitude.

~ Charlene T

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